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Travel Services Exclusively to the Entertainment Industry

Specializing in world wide travel for touring bands, the television and film industries and professional sports




Entertainment Travel is the agency of choice, and has been for more than two decades, providing travel services to the entertainment industry. Bands and their entourages out on tour for 3 months or 3 years rely on ET to ensure privacy, safety and accuracy for their arrangements. In addition, their expertise extends to actors, VIP’s, athletes and their staffs and families moving them around the world for events, public appearances and leisure vacations.

Named Travel Agency of the Year by “Performance Magazine” readers six times, Entertainment Travel consistently earns acclaim for their precise attention to detail and unrivaled level of service.

Company president and founding partner, Nick Gold modeled a vision for Entertainment Travel when he started the company in 1984 that still holds true today. His concept, to cater to the entertainment industry and their unique travel needs with professional and personal service, is what has made Entertainment Travel such a sought after agency.

Today, Gold continues to manage the company with his affable, hands-on style, a rarity in most industries these days. While some agencies count among their clients a few entertainers, Entertainment Travel serves only the entertainment industry.

Service and Savings
From his many years on the road as a tour manager, Gold has groomed a full-service staff that is finely attuned to the special needs of touring groups, athletes and their franchises and others in the entertainment businesses.

Knowing that travel cost containment is singularly vital to the financial success of these tours, events and appearances, ET has developed close relationships with many in the hospitality and transportation industries allowing it to negotiate special rates for groups and individuals not only in large markets like Nashville, London, Los Angeles, and New York, but also in smaller markets. When it comes to domestic and international tours, few agencies can match the savings that ET passes along to clients.

Gold has to know all the right people in all the right places.
After all, he’s in the business of telling all the right people where to go.
Can you afford not to call him?

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